Thursday, January 29, 2015

In and Out Health 1mm

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In & Out Health's Derma Roller Is Backed By FDA, CE Certification And Quality Assured. It progressively improves texture of skin with gentle, consistent rolling pressure. Up to 1000 x greater absorption of vitamin or hyaluronic serums. Top Quality Securely Plated 540 Medical Grade Surgical Steel As Used in Operating Rooms For Implants + Instruments. Safety Information: Clean and disinfect Derma Roller before and after use (Instructions included). For use on well padded skin areas e.g. avoid eyelids & lips. Avoid using on broken or infected skin until healed. If you have sensitive skin it is best to use Topical Anaesthetic Cream before rolling until your skin becomes used to it. Do not use on abdomen during pregnancy

  • CLEARER, SOFTER SKIN: 540 Micro-needle Derma Rolling Lifts, Tones, Heals Skin. Wrinkle, Age Spots, Stretch Marks, Scar Reduction. Face, Neck, Décolleté, Hands Anti Aging. Triple Action: Microdermabrasion, Massage, Mesotherapy
  • QUALITY & SAFETY TESTED: Premium Medical Surgical Steel 1.0mm mircro-needles. Single Person Use Only. Glides smoothly, safely over skin: mild tingly sensation. Easy To Clean + Disinfect. RN Reviewed

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  1. Wonderful seller with quality product. After doing research, I discovered that the surgical steel rollers, which is what is sold here, are the best needles to use. Not titanium. There are 100s of YouTube vids of different people and their opinions about derma rolling. If you wade through all the lies and crap, you will find vids of people that actually know what they are talking about. White Lotus Anti-aging is one. Another is Dawn Amador.They are not selling anything, they are experts. Dermarollers work, but do your research before you buy. There is a commitment to using them if you want results. You need at least a .05 for collagen production.
    I will return to this seller to buy again. She is a committed seller who cares about her clients!


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