Best derma roller reviews

Derma roller is used for advanced skincare all over the world. . Derma roller is a simple device of high performance predicated on the principle of mirconeedles stimulation. It has shown glorious results in the field of skin treatment procedures. Cosmetic procedure with derma roller applying does not take a lot of time. Derma roller microneedles penetrate the epidermis and dermis layer of skin and create thousands of micro channels into the skin. Derma roller damages the skin cover for a limited time hereby the natural nocifensor is stimulated and the skin regenerates. Hence the growth promoting factor is initiated and collagen and elastin are produced.

Derma roller needles therapy evens the skin wrinkles and significantly improves the overall skin condition and tonicity. The study has revealed that the skin tightness increases by 8% after the derma roller therapy and the skin renovates faster.

After derma roller microneedles application the absorption coefficient of medical solutions increases manifold – up to 3000%.

Derma roller application initiates the following:

1. Stimulation of the head hair growth.

2. Improvement of the head hair condition.

3. Decrease of dynamic facial wrinkles quantity and their depth.

4. Shaping of the facial contours, increase of skin elasticity and stiffness.

5. Moisturizing and augmentation of the overall skin condition, in particular the flushing and pores contracture, protection against the moisture loss and augmentation of moisture conservation capacity.

6. Scar and linear atrophy flattening, i.e. acne and burn scar and linear atrophy treatment.

7. Pigmentation abolition, i.e. the recreation and whitening of the skin and diminution of pigment spots acquired after sunbathing.

8. Treatment of eye area, under-eye circles, pouches and small lines.

9. Body shape correction and cellulite control.

10. Smoothing of comedogenicity scars.

Kinds of derma rollers

For choosing the best derma roller you should know their kinds and application for different types and diseases of skin. All derma rollers may be divided into two kinds, i.e. by the quantity of the microneedles and the needle length.

On the average the derma roller has about 200 - 540 needles of 0,7 mm in diameter (this diameter is less than the one of the hair).

Microneedles length varies from 0,25 mm to 2 mm. Derma roller microneedles length depends on skin condition and recommendations of a medical doctor.

Attention! Derma rollers of 1,5 mm-2 mm size are just only used by the cosmetician having medical education.

Application Type
Mirconeedle length

0,25mm -0,5mm
Scars caused by the acneiform rash,
Enlarged pores
Loose skin sclerose,
Wrinkles decrease,
Pigment spots whitening,
Intensifies the hair growth and its structure,
Turn over of the skin beauty – consistent color and texture,
Home anti-age (rejuvenation) care,
Active ingredients absorption.

0,5mm - 1,0mm
Stretch marks (striae) on the delicate skin,
Postacne – defects caused by the acneiform rash,
Traumatic, burn scars,
Cellulite of the 1st stage,
Hyperpigmentation whitening,
Wrinkles flattening (eye and lips area),
Baldness (hair loss) treatment,
Collagen stimulation,
Mesotherapy – Medication

1,5mm - 2,0mm
Deep stretch marks (striae)
Flattening of the deep dermic wrinkles,
Deep scars – surgical and burn ones,
Deep atrophic scars,
Postacne –deep defects caused by the acneiform rash,
Treatment of Cellulite of the 2nd and 3rd stage,
Skin flagging treatment,
Loose skin sclerose,
Lifting – face and body lift,
Collagen stimulation,
Sold to physicians only

Derma roller reviews

I started to use derma roller myself for getting rid of skin hyperpigmentation. The first aim was to make away with the pigment spots, enlarged pores and of cause to receive the rejuvenating effect and to get the good condition of my skin.

Having watched a lot of videos about derma rollers from the bloggers I got the two-fold impression. For one part of the audience the rollers helped, for the others they were of no use. I shall tell about my own experience of derma roller usage. There was an Internet version that for achieving a result you should have couple of derma rollers in case if you didn’t know which one was appropriate for you.

The same situation happened with me. At first I bought the derma roller with 0,5 mm microneedles and it did not help me at all. The post effect of its usage was like therapeutic effect. No skin changes happened.

Than following the customers’ reviews I bought the derma roller with 1 mm microneedle. As a result after the usage of the new roller I felt the real effect. Read my recommendations “How to use derma roller at home”.

The best derma roller

Now you know the kinds and way of derma roller usage, let’s choose the best one for you. China produces the major part of all derma rollers. The rest portion of derma rollers is manufactured by the local clinics, hospitals and medical institutions. The medical derma rollers cost 10 times more than home ones. The difference is the high quality material used for production of the medical derma rollers. For home usage the simple derma roller or some other kind of such device made in China is appropriate. We shall talk about other kinds of devices.

The best derma roller for home usage varies from 0,25 mm to 1 mm depend upon the treatment goals.

Derma rollers 0.25mm

Beauty Essence 0.25mm

Price: 6.50$

MelodySusie 0,25mm

Price: 11.99$

Derma - CIT 0,25mm

Price: 16.40$

Derma rollers 0.5mm

Pro-Nu 0,5mm

Price: 15.98$

QMD 0,5mm

Price: 19.99$

TMT 0,5mm

Price: 16.45$

Derma rollers 1mm

Lilian Fache 3 in 1

Price: 29.97$

Diva D'or

Price: 18.75$

In and Out Health

Price: 20.49$

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