Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beauty Essence Medical Grade Stainless Steel Micro Needle Roller 0.25mm Derma Roller

  • 0.25mm Cosmetic Skin Solutions Microneedle Skin System - Personal and Professional Use. A Numbing cream is Highly Recommended.
  • 0.25mm dermaroller is specific for 1. Cell Regeneration. 2. Enhance Nutrient Absorption. 3. Hair Regrowth. 4. Eye Treatment.
  • More effectively used in conjunction with other skin care products for fast absorption.
  • Rollers are sterilized and come completely sealed with description and case.  
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  1. I first bought this product from an aesthitician and they charged me 40.00. Then I went to Amazon and began researching derma rollers. I bought 2 from this seller. It has held up really well. I use it every other day with my skin care regimen. I have used it regularly since January and just threw out
    my first roller. It came sealed and in a great case. I soak it in rubbing alcohol after use for 30 minutes and then rinse and put back on the holder. I will be ordering 2 more probably today. It never tore at my skin, it never got bent etc. I just felt that maybe it was getting dull after 5 months so I wanted to try a fresh one. I can feel the difference. I highly recommend not wasting a bunch of money on more expensive ones, they seem as though they are all made in the same general place as the packaging is the exact same.

  2. These are nicely packaged rollers that come in a plastic case which is great for storing between uses. It is also convenient for dipping the roller in alcohol and drying in the case since the case has a little neck which can hold the roller while it dries. I lightly use this roller about 2x/wkly. The next day I might be a little irritated, but the day after my skin looks wonderful. I've had mine for about one month, or approximately eight uses. It still works just fine.


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